At The Imprinted Concrete Company we always strive to give you the best information possible. Here are some considerations when we undertake your dream drive, path or patio.

Start dates and completion times:

We make every effort to keep to the schedules we commit to but cannot guarantee them due to factors outwith our control such as the weather. We advise you to your inform neighbours about the commencement of work as the construction process does involve the scattering of colour and release powder over the surface which can result in dust being blown about. Please protect immediate areas behind the front and back doors with dust sheets until we leave the site. This will prevent dirt and dust damaging your carpets etc. In certain cases the installation will involve walking over flower beds and lawns. Could you please remove or protect your favourite plants to prevent damage occuring.

Access may be restricted during the the pouring of concrete and drying period. Can you please discuss with the workmen and make adequate provisions so it does not affect your routine. Access to the job site may be required whilst you are out.

On the day that concrete is being poured can you please make sure all doors and windows are kept closed.The following services may be required by our workmen: water and electricity.

A non-refundable deposit of £200.00 is required to secure the booking of a job.

Colour and Finish.

Pattern imprinted concrete is not an exact science. it is designed to reflect real stone. This means the colour and texture will gently change throughout the slab. We do not include any rendering or painting in the quotation. After the surface has been washed off ready for sealing, please do not lay anything on the surface such as door mats or do any gardening as the surface needs to be as dry and as clean as possible. You may walk on the surface 6 hours after sealing. Driving requires 48 hours.


Any construction work has its problems. Weather and deliveries can cause delays and difficulties. We give maximum effort to overcome this and take as much care as possible. From yourselves we appreciate your patience and understanding in such circumstances.


Specification of the Product/Installation.

The Driveway shall be constructed of 4" (100mm) concrete slab which is air-entrained (frost proofed) and fibre mesh reinforcement. Hardcore shall be type 1 Road Stone which is aggregate 40mm to dust, compacted at a depth of 4" (100mm). When the concreting has been completed the site will be closed off using hazard tape. The responsibility of the driveway naturally passes to you to prevent any damage by arriving guests, cats, dogs, postmen etc. The driveway/patio will be left for 24/48 hours to cure after concreting. Joints will then be cut into the surface at approximately 3.5m spacing. The driveway will be washed to remove the antique release powder. This will expose the pattern and colour.


Vehicles may be parked on the driveway 48 hours after sealing.The sealer is a 2 coat application. It protects against oil and algae which requires removal. The sealer has a lifespan of 12-18 months. For a period of 2-4 weeks water may bobble on the surface. This is the same effect that happens to a newly polished car. The nature of the process can result in variation of in colour and depth of imprint, and water formation. Whilst every effort and precaution will be made by the company to ensure the above does not occur, the company shall be under no liability in respect of any defect or damage arising from or as a result of the effects of the process specified.

Any manhole covers which are hidden from view can be installed for £70.00 if required.

PLEASE NOTE - weather has a strong bearing on the start and completion times. Final payment is due on day of completion and the newly laid imprinted concrete remains the property of The Imprinted Concrete Company (Southern) Ltd until full payment is recieved.